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Favorite Book:

Breakthrough Advertising

Favorite Blog

Simo Ahava’s Blog

Favorite Conference:

Traffic and Conversion Summit

Favorite Tool:

Google Tag Manager

About Me Who Am I

Hi. I’m Ryan and I loove the internet. I use it to build things and solve problems.

I have a passion for helping people. I’ve found that I can help a lot more people as an Internet Marketing Consultant/Entrepreneur than anything else in life.

When I realized this, I had a change in career paths.

Since then, I taught myself how to code, which is the backbone of the technical marketing I do now-a-days.

I can’t give myself all the credit. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on high level courses, and learned even more through Masterminds and from other Entrepreneurs and Educators (Like Avinash Kaushik, Simo Ahava, Chris Mercer, and Ben Collins, to name a few).

Some of which I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. Some, still to this day.

What others have said about working with Ryan

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.

Charlie Jones

Services What I do

I consult and am available by select hire revolving around Data Auditing, Architecture, Visualization, Optimization, and ultimately, Analysis.

I have a strong background and experiences in data analysis, digital analytics, measurement protocol, and use my Development skills with languages such as SQL, R, and Javascript to be a truly data-driven Marketer.

A few programs I’m highly proficient in, but not limited to are: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Microsoft Excel, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets Apps Scripts Development, Google Data Studio, SEM, and Technical SEO.


This is the step that so many people don't do to the extent one needs to. Or worse, they skip it altogether without realizing it. Its by far the least sexy to do, but by far the most important.


If you do a great job in the planning stage, your building and reporting will be much more efficient and accurate. I definitely have my go-to building and reporting tools, but I've built with many of the industry-standards out there, and all the concepts are the same. Reporting is done via APIs for accuracy and to eliminate drudgery.


There are clients that are still impressed that I can guess what the sales are going to be for the week, month, sometimes even quarter with high accuracy. For me, it comes down to the detail I go through in the planning and building stage. It also helps that I have a high knowledge and past experiences of Paid Search Techniques and Strategies. We forecast to plan and optimize to increase the sales. These are the final steps of the Measurement Marketing process. Yet, we are never done 🙂



years of experience


Different APIs Connected


Revenue I've been Directly in Charge Of


Campaigns Oversee

Resume My Recent Timeline



Media Buying Mastery 92%
Conversion Rate Optimization 95%
Optimization + Testing 97%
Analytics + Data 100%

Case Studies My Recent Work

(Work I have done over the last year for clients who have authorized me to share this in my portfolio)


I used to do most all types of Digital Marketing work, now I only focus on Digital Marketing on all things I can measure (Measurement Marketing).

Learning What I'm Learning Next

Fusce vitae sapien ullamcorper, tempor sem in, sodales nibh. Nullam consequat aliquam erat, non congue justo tincidunt in. Cras sodales blandit est, id pellentesque libero dictum tincidunt.

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

Steve Jobs

The Lab Results from Tests I've Run

Everything I write about here are actually tests I’ve run (I LOVE to run tests and use the data to drive my decisions) and real results I’ve generated myself.


If there is any client work shown in here, it has been approved to share publicaly by them, and most times I’ll have clients in here talking about how I’ve helped them.

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Ryan is a relentless learner and lifelong student

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