What others have to say about working with Ryan...

Julian Juenemann

Julian asked Ryan to do a live training for his MeasureMasters community he built on MeasreSchool.com. Julian is one of the most sough after teachers/trainers of analytics and measuring your marketing efforts. Ryan will be back to teach more in the MeasureMasters community.

Suganthan Mohanadasan

Suganthan spotted Ryan in the Traffic Think Tank community early on and appreciated how he helped others with answering their analytics questions + strategic thoughts about measurement. Just like Suganthan is one of Ryan’s “go to” SEOs, Suganthan keeps Ryan in mind when he has complex Measurement issues come up with clients.

Andy Chadwick

Ryan has helped Andy out on several occasions now with situations where Andy’s clients have complicated Measurement questions and need help. Ryan has helped Andy with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager questions. Andy is probably one of the few Marketers who uses spreadsheets as much as Ryan :nerd_face:

Wyatt Mayham

Ryan helped Wyatt make sure his data was accurate. Google Analytics often samples data, especially when you are using the free version of Google Analytics and have high traffic volumes. Getting around sampling helped assure Wyatt that he was providing an accurate and useful truth to his clients.

Annika Nagy

Annika is a talented Copywriter who enjoys working with someone who loves data like she loves copy (because she doesn’t love data). Ryan helps her figure out if her copy is “resonating” with her audience, and to what extent…when it’s time for a test, etc. Ryan and Annika work very well together and having that “data feedback loop” is a critical piece for any team to make sure they are making the right business decisions.


Ryan met Felix briefly through and an online SEO conference and Feliex expressed interested in CRO. In which case, Ryan told him “Cool! I have a free course on that if you are interested.” Felix really appreciated the course and even said it was underrated (probably meaning it should be paid) – and let this testimonial after going through it.

Marni Hale

Marni was previously in a CMO role and needed numbers and insights. Ryan knew exactly what she was after and not only cleaned up the existing data, but made her a dashboard so she could go to one spot to check it every day/week/month. Ryan saved Marni time, gave her reporting confidence, and made her look good to the CEO :muscle::skin-tone-2:

Jonti Bolles

Jonti hired Ryan to solve a complicated Google Tag Manager problem. Ryan came in and made sure some tricky triggers and variables were setup for success, so the data flowing into Google Analytics was clean and trustwothy. Jonti made this testmonial right after that.

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