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      Learn about Rednavel Consulting's Analytics Blueprint Process

      This process is how we have learned our clients get the best value from the work that we do. 

      Discovery Phase

      1. Situational Analysis

        • What is your vision?
        • What are your goals?

      We will begin the process by determining where you are at now. Here are some sample questions below:

      2. Where are you at now?

        • Who are you targeting?
          • Who is your actual customer? (the delta between those two)
        • Conversion Rates (CVR)
          • Agreed definition of this
          • How have your conversion rates changed over time in relation to testing and in relation to revenue growth, campaigns, scaling, etc
        • Lifetime Value (LTV)
          • Payback period
        • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
          • Broken down by channel, campaign, etc
        • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
        • Return on Investment (ROI)
          • What you want to “build in” to this calculation (ad cost, fulfillment cost, operational cost, etc)
          • The time element is key here in understanding proper look back windows
        • Margins
          • Mainly via products/services
        • Experimentation program/learnings
        • Center of excellence
        • Your process of testing and learnings
        • Point being if we want to test, we need to establish what works and what doesn’t over time.
        • Most profitable cohorts
          • By customer type
          • By product/service type
          • By acquisition source
          • By problems the company is solving

      3. Infrastructure Analysis

        • Getting the access I need to understand what your company needs to do in order to achieve what you want.
        • Tech stack deep dive
          • Analytics, Tag Management, Ads, CRM(s), CDP, CoE, etc
            • Get access to the things I’ll need in order to help answer these questions
      Depending on the size of the company, it will be a variable cost based on how
      deep/comprehensive I need to go.

      Starts at $7,500

      Design Phase

        • Build a Blueprint and a Roadmap for your company
        • Your user’s flows
        • Your customer’s flows
          • Customer journey mapping
          • Experience mapping
        • Your data system’s flows 
          • Service blueprints
        • System and process maps
          • Standard operating procedures
        • Company plan documentation
          • Notion, Google Doc(s), LucidChart, Airtable, etc
        • Data dictionary framework initiated. 
        • Dashboard design
          • Draft for review
          • Final sign off

      Variable depending on what was identified in the Discovery phase (phase 1).

      Starts at $15,000

      Development Phase

        • Structuring and coding tag management system
        • Data schemas mapping
        • Build out (or expand) your data dictionary
        • Develop experimentation documentation
        • Build data product alert system 
        • Construct data pipeline 
        • Documentation methodology development
        • Data product review and feedback

      Variable depending on what was identified in the Design phase (phase 2).

      Starts at $20,000

      Deployment Phase

        • Deploy
          • Analytics code
          • Documentation system
          • Analytics reporting and alerting system
        • System training
        • 2 month retainer for training and support 

      Variable depending on what was identified in the Development phase (phase 3).

      Starts at $30,000


      Navigating data and experimentation systems is intricate. We employ our Blueprint Process, not to complicate, but to streamline and optimize the use of time.

      Technical debt is inevitable, yet our method minimizes it substantially. This approach applies to systems like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Looker Studio.

      A genuine data product ought to be fully automated with built in alert systems. This frees up time to do the marketing instead of pulling reports, agonizing over data issues, and not “marketing forward” as we call our framework and optimization process. 

      Our services might seem expensive when compared to individual freelancers or other measurement agencies. However, this is a misguided comparison.

      Consider us as a full-fledged data team. Hiring separate FTEs such as data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and a project manager would easily be well over 6 figures (even for a single role) and quite frankly, we’ll have much more experience. 

      We’re akin to a McKinsey Consulting engagement, but with an added bonus – we don’t just consult, we implement. This differentiates us from top-tier consulting firms that only advise. This value addition justifies the cost of our services.

      The ROI of our R2 Blueprint Process is clarity in your company’s ROI. 😉

      If you’re here, you’re likely uncertain about your data. This uncertainty can hinder confident marketing decisions.

      Without our service, how would you confidently scale or even know you’re asking the right questions in the first place?

      While our experimentation service provides a more quantifiable ROI, remember – what isn’t measured cannot be managed. Our service guarantees the management of what truly matters.

      You need the assurance of an expert dedicated to this field daily. That’s the true return on your investment.

      With extensive experience, Ryan and his team are highly equipped to tackle diverse questions. Though it’s possible there will be a “new” question or something won’t be possible, there is a high likelihood we’ll be able to answer all questions.

      Our mantra is, “If it’s a script that can run on a page or already in a database, we can work with it.” This expansive approach allows us to adapt to various situations.

      After verifying the relevance of a question through our QIA process, we strategize during the Design phase to derive the solution. Our method ensures only pertinent questions are addressed effectively.

      Ryan is personally involved in every R2 Blueprint Process project.

      While there are supportive roles within Rednavel Consulting aiding Ryan, he leads every project.

      We selectively partner with a limited number of companies annually on these projects. Currently, our focus is on quality over scale in the R2 Blueprint Process.

      Curious on how you would get started?

      The next best step is taking our scorecard self assessment. (It'll take 5-7 mins and you'll get a score out of 100 to see where you are currently)