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Meet Ryan and learn how Rednavel Consulting might be a great fit for you Analytics + CRO needs.

I have a passion for helping people. I’ve found that I can help a lot more people as an Internet Marketing Consultant/Entrepreneur than anything else in life.
When I realized this, I had a change in career paths.
Since then, I taught myself how to code, which is the backbone of the technical marketing I do now-a-days.
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We’re laser focused on being the best in the world in Analytics  + Conversion rate optimization.
For SaaS + Ecom businesses only.
That’s all we do. Every day, all day.🤘🏻🤓

Measurement Marketing Audits

This is the step that so many people don't do to the extent one needs to. Or worse, they skip it altogether without realizing it. Its by far the least sexy to do, but by far the most important.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you do a great job in the planning stage, your building and reporting will be much more efficient and accurate. I definitely have my go-to building and reporting tools, but I've built with many of the industry-standards out there, and all the concepts are the same.

Marketing strategy for SaaS + Ecom

There are clients that are still impressed that I can guess what the sales are going to be for the week, month, sometimes even quarter with high accuracy For me, it comes down to the detail I go through in the planning and building stage.

Others We've Helped

We’re really proud of the businesses we’ve helped achieve more revenue through detailed analytics + relentless CRO. We go really in-depth for extra transparent case studies…so more to come , they just take  awhile 💪 

Data Driven Business Audit

Industry Type: Saas
Client Type: Measurement

The Paid Search Masterplan

Industry Type: Ecommece
Client Type: CRO

Measurement Marketing

Industry Type: Saas
Client Type: Consulting

Case Study 1

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Client Type:

Learn From Us

Meet the sales team for Rednavel Consulting = content. You will talk to Ryan before signing on…but the point is we believe in selling (to start) through teaching. We spend a lot of time on our content, we hope you like it. (And if you ever have suggestions, just email with what you’d like to see.)
Unlocking CRO Building

Unlocking CRO Building

Recorded on: Recorded with: Get Notified About Next Webinar In this inaugural Metrics and Methods webinar, Ryan Lavander, the host and founder of Rednavel Consulting,…

Data Blending: Join Types in Looker Studio

Data Blending: Join Types in Looker Studio

When it comes to data visualization, Looker Studio has become the go-to tool for thousands of marketers and businesses.  But Looker Studio not only empowers…

Marketers Are Bad With Chat Tools. Here’s What They Should Do Instead.

Marketers Are Bad With Chat Tools. Here’s What They Should Do Instead.

The Necessary Talk About Chat Tools.  Another day has gone by when I roll my eyes at the “ding” sound of a certain chat application…

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Listen to what past/current clients have said about working with Ryan + Rednavel Consulting. The context here is Ryan asked these generous people to say what it was like working with him. They are not paid actors and were generally happy to do so 🙂

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Our Assistant, Stringbean

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

Steve Jobs

" Analytics is like your therapist. It will tell you if you are being delusional"
- Ryan Levander