Data Driven Business Audit

Context to the Audit + Analysis

A friend of mine and business partner is running some AdWords campaigns for a local business. He is doing a great job at it.

However, I wanted to see just how great...and match that up with their sales data, and formulate both an audit of what they are doing right now, and an action plan for what they could be doing after some analysis.

Cleaning up the data in Power Query

Google Sheets Housing the Data for Data Studio

Breakdown of the Google Stack


This is obviously our #1 market to start with. We know that this is what we are going to spend the most on, and we know this is where the buyers are. 

This is what the agencies get paid the big bucks for - and our role here is to make sure we start off with the best strategy possible. 

In general, our goal is to stay under $20/VDP View (Vehicle Display Page View), for new vehicles, and $10/VDP View for our Used Campaign. [This is very high overview ads strategy]

The Dashboard Run-Down

Actionable Next Steps

We don't do all this work to make a pretty dashboard. It needs to be actionable!

This is why we customized it for their business, in order to gain useful truths and actionable next steps.

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