The Paid Search Masterplan

The Intro + Background

Elevated Conversions got hired to come in as consultants for this account. We found ourselves in a unique position when we grew a similar account very rapidly... doing so, we found ourselves with more consulting opportunities. We really lead the way here with strategy and setup/implementation. We also run audits of these accounts every month and do an in depth report analysis every quarter.

Planning out the little things

When we are the ones in charge of setting up accounts, we make sure things are 100% transparent and everyone plays in the same sandbox...but someone internally, or consulting is controlling the access levels and data governance; that's so important.

Let's not forget the Data Layer. We the Data Layer.

Keyword Research

Next up is the all important task of keyword research. This is something that you simply can't cut corners on. Yes, there are a lot of tools out there to help, Keywords Everyone, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. 

That doesn't take away from the work you need to put in to comprehensively figure out the best strategy given the budget, and the actual real life goals of the client.

The Paid Search Master plan


This is obviously our #1 market to start with. We know that this is what we are going to spend the most on, and we know this is where the buyers are. 

This is what the agencies get paid the big bucks for - and our role here is to make sure we start off with the best strategy possible. 

In general, our goal is to stay under $20/VDP View (Vehicle Display Page View), for new vehicles, and $10/VDP View for our Used Campaign. [This is very high overview ads strategy]

Google Search Network Campaign Screenshots

Google Display Network Screenshots

Google Display Network Screenshots

Facebook Ad Campaign

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