Big Horn CrossFit Facebook Ads/Website CRO

Big Horn CrossFit

In an effort to keep up with fierce competition, Big Horn CrossFit hired us on to run some digital campaigns in order to engage and convert more customers.

For their market, we focused strictly on Facebook Campaigns, as all costs associated with Facebook vs. AdWords would be lower and the targeting has almost unlimited capabilities.

Our Role

We used mostly are own creatives, we we produced a video for Big Horn several months ago. We got subtitles for the video made, as that was our main vehicle to get the ads out there. We also used creatives from Big Horn CrossFits's page.

We paired both of those with our copywriter's creative ways to deliver and speak to the Custom Avatar we created for Big Horn.

We setup the campaign, ad sets, and ads all to our customized recipe, placed our pixels, rubbed our lucky rabbit's foot (not really) and said, GO!

Custom Landing Page

We wanted to create something that was simple and had a direct call to action to focus on the message and something that would be clear and concise.



Click Button

Campaign Assests

Website Boost

Used Conversion Rate Optimization tool to mirror ads on the site to increase reach.

Custom Landing Pages

Custom build landing pages with though through, incentivized offers. Built and optimized for conversions.


Custom copy to match the tone and feel from the ads. Consistency leads to trust and trust leads to signups.


Videos communicate 80% better than print or text. This is why EC focuses on using video in ad campaigns. The right contextual video, length, and call to actions are key

Conversion Rate Boosters

“Welcome Mat”

This shows before the actual page loads. We set it to show for set time periods, certain devices, certain amounts of time, not display for those who have converted with the Facebook ad, or have opted out already.

“Smart Bar”

This stays at the top of the page. It hides when people scroll down and shows when they scroll up (just like the Chrome browser on mobile). We set it to show for set time periods, certain devices, certain amounts of time, not display for those who have converted with the Facebook ad, or have opted out already.

It's very effective a click to call, only showing for mobile devices -providing a great UI.

“Heat Maps”

Heatmaps offer a valuable additional layer of tracking to see where people are clicking.

We monitor these very closely with Google Analytics and all the split testing we do. You can never have too much data to make decisions with. ?

“List Builder”

List builder is a fantastic way to display the offer or opt-in you want at a non-obtrusive time.

Inline displaying are some of our favorite ways to show this, to avoid pesky pop-ups.


It's smart to have a quick and easy way for others to share your content.

It's also important for you to focus on the platforms that you have a presence in and want others to share it on.

We setup this share option just like all the others, with user experience in mind and leveraging the businesses' Digital Marketing strategy as well.

Value Proposition Video

The Results


Total Campaign Impressions (For average 30 day period) 👀


Landing Page Visits (for average 30 day period) 👋🏻


Leads. This completely changed their business to expand new classes. 💪🏻


Stay Rate. This gave them almost 300 new monthly re-occurring CrossFitters 📈

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