Paid Search Campaigns

Paid Search Campaign

We've all heard about the elusive and confusing world of Paid Search (also referred to as PPC, SEM, AdWords, etc.)

Paid search is a very smart strategy when used effectively. However, most businesses who are using it aren't optimizing things before they do.

Example: I was working with a client was was spending over 5 figures a month on paid search earlier this year, and their website (and landing page their traffic was being sent to from their campaigns), was loading in 5 seconds or longer. Talk about wasting your money…

…In the last month I've also talked with 3 different client potentials about paid search strategies.

I asked them why they weren't having success with paid search?

After several other questions and digging deeper into their account, I realized they were the ones running their AdWords account…

…just because you can, doesn't mean you should…AdWords, Facebook, Bing, they are all going to make it super easy to run campaigns. They're a business, that's what they do.

Hire professionals if you'll get professional results. Do it yourself if you have time and money to waste. That's what I did until (years later), I'm finally at the place where I can confidently run successful campaigns in all mediums.

Our Role

Run successful paid search campaigns for our client, who needs to remain nameless for confidentially purposes. They wanted more traffic and leads, as they didn't have enough existing traffic without any real content marketing strategy in place.

First, we had to clean up an compress a lot of the code on their website, it was loading too slow: (and no, these were not cached sites, they were checked with a clear cache and incognito)

13.1 seconds to load

1.23 seconds to load

Then, we created individual landing pages for the traffic to go, based on the ads they clicked from.

Dumping someone to your homepage is what we would call a lazy strategy. It can work, yes. But it's the same as going to a car dealership, asking where the Subarus are, the sales person pointing to the back, and you having to go yourself. Take them there and give the users what they want.

Additional Layers We Implemented

Social Strategy

Targeted, custom visuals and copy for Facebook and Instagram.

Brand Campaigns

Strategy and execution of focused brand campaigns across all digital and social channels.

Community Management

Help our client reach, build, and grow a community of engaged fans & loyal advocates.

Brand Experience

Social & digital strategies to connect our client with their audience in a meaningful way.

Campaign Screenshots


Clicks to landing page (for average 30 day period)

Best Run

Marketing Campaigns in our client's history


Total Campaign Impressions (For average 30 day period)


Click through rate (average is below 0.5%)

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