Alerts in GA4 = Part Of What Your Data Product Should Have!

/ Alerts in GA4 = Part Of What Your Data Product Should Have!

If you are using GA4, Alert is one of the most important features you should set up. This video shows you why and how to set it up.

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If you are using GA4, one of the features you should set up is Alerts. Alerts help you detect anomalies, and this video will also assist you in setting them up.

One unique aspect of these insights is that they are predominantly AI-driven, making them significantly more accurate and valuable than those in Universal Analytics.

I recommend personalizing these alerts and anomalies based on what is important to you. This emphasizes that GA4’s power lies in its ability to focus on your specific areas of concern.

Once you’ve set up this alert, you can arrange to have notifications emailed to a designated recipient whenever the specified condition occurs.

This approach is part of what I refer to as the data product system. It begins with an educated guess, then refined based on your historical data and areas of importance.

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