Google Analytics 4

helping GA4 inferiority complex

Helping GA4’s Inferiority Complex

Let’s begin by addressing the negative discourse surrounding Google Analytics 4 (GA4) across the web. It’s worth noting that some of the criticism GA4 receives is valid, but not all. I firmly believe that GA4 is engineered with the future in mind. It integrates advanced functionalities, such as machine learning, which are becoming increasingly crucial, …

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what are the 3ps of data

What are the 3 Ps of Data?

In this video, I will discuss the three critical components of data: Project, Program, and Product. I will explain their significance in achieving success with your GA4 setup. When transitioning to GA4, I prefer to use the term “transition” rather than “migration” because the latter might imply potential risks. Migrating your setup from UA (Universal …

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a brief history of utm parameters

A Brief History of UTM Parameters

It is interesting to know how Google Analytics became what we know and love today. Even though Google analytics existed way back, way before Universal Analytics ( GA3), it was not well adopted and very helpful. Google then bought the company Urchin in 2005 because of its ability to use parameters called UTM in URLs …

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How To Use UTM Parameters In Your URL

How to Use UTM Parameters in Your URL

UTM parameters consist of three basic parameters to work utm_source utm_medium Utm_campaign Using the Google Merchandise Store demo account, you can change the utm_parameters to stimulate how UTM parameters work in real life scenerio. For this demo, the utm_parameter was changed to test. Check out the next video on a brief history of UTM parameter …

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