Sneak Peek = GA Insights for Custom Alerts

/ Sneak Peek = GA Insights for Custom Alerts

Even though GA4 has inbuilt alerts, the problem is that you can’t use it for custom events. This is where custom alerts become helpful

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The built-in alerts in GA4 have limitations, one of which is the inability to convert custom events, such as a specific lead generation event, into an alert.

This is where custom alerts in GA Insights come in.

With custom alerts, you can send any custom event as an alert, which can then be sent to Slack.

Depending on your needs, you can also determine the frequency of these alerts, whether daily or weekly. GA Insights even offers insights into specific metrics you care about, such as sign-ups or leads.

The tool isn’t just limited to GA4; it also works with Search Console, Google Ads, and other platforms, making it a versatile and valuable tool for any marketer or analyst.

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