Helping GA4’s Inferiority Complex

/ Helping GA4’s Inferiority Complex

Is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) superior to Universal Analytics (UA)? In this video, I provide compelling reasons why GA4 outshines UA.”

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Let’s begin by addressing the negative discourse surrounding Google Analytics 4 (GA4) across the web. It’s worth noting that some of the criticism GA4 receives is valid, but not all.

I firmly believe that GA4 is engineered with the future in mind. It integrates advanced functionalities, such as machine learning, which are becoming increasingly crucial, especially as we witness a growing array of devices and a heightened emphasis on web privacy.

Also, privacy is more prominent in Europe than in the US. Still, I’m convinced it’s only a matter of time before the US adopts similar stringent user-focused privacy regulations.

This focus on user privacy is one of the primary motivations behind the creation of GA4. In contrast to Universal Analytics, where data could be stored indefinitely, GA4 restricts data storage to 14 months. This change signifies a shift in Google’s perspective: they no longer desire to own your data; they want you to exercise control over it.

Additionally, Google’s machine learning establishes correlations among various data points. While Google may not be privy to my identity, it can still identify and track me as an individual user, enhancing the system’s overall comprehension and efficiency.

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