How to Use Content and Term Parameters in Your URL

/ How to Use Content and Term Parameters in Your URL

How to use Content and Term Parameters in your URL

In this video, Scott Reid (Ecommerce Optimizers) and Ryan Levander dive into the two often forgotten UTM parameters. You will:

  • Understand what the content and term UTM parameters mean
  • Know how to use term and content UTM parameters.
  • Understand what Facebook/referral traffic means and how to fix it.

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The term and content UTM parameters are often overlooked when it comes to traffic tagging. However, these two parameters are essential if you want to gain additional insight into your traffic source.

Specifically, the term and content parameters can be described as additional descriptors that give more information about the traffic. 

For utm_term parameter, I strongly recommend that you use the subject line if it is an email or headline of the ad when tagging. When you do this, the term parameter allows you to see what type of headline is grabbing attention.

Likewise, the utm_content parameters should be used to cite the creative eg, image, video, copy type ( long or short), etc.

Key takeaway: Ensure that your ad agency has a strong opinion on UTM parameters, especially the content and term parameters.


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