How to Use UTM Parameters in Your URL

/ How to Use UTM Parameters in Your URL

How to use UTM Parameters in your URL

In this video, Scott Reid (Ecommerce Optimizers) and Ryan Levander kicks off the discusson by defining what UTM parameters are. You will

  • You will learn the basic structure of UTM parameters
  • Know how to test your UTM parameter in Google Analytics.

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UTM parameters consist of three basic parameters to work

  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • Utm_campaign

Using the Google Merchandise Store demo account, you can change the utm_parameters to stimulate how UTM parameters work in real life scenerio. For this demo, the utm_parameter was changed to test.

Check out the next video on a brief history of UTM parameter or deep into the series to learn more about the utm_source parameter and how to use it in your marketing activities and analysis.


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