What are the 3 Ps of Data?

/ What are the 3 Ps of Data?

Are you transiting from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? In this video, I discuss the 3Ps of data and why you should consider it a transition, not a migration.

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In this video, I will discuss the three critical components of data: Project, Program, and Product. I will explain their significance in achieving success with your GA4 setup.

When transitioning to GA4, I prefer to use the term “transition” rather than “migration” because the latter might imply potential risks.

Migrating your setup from UA (Universal Analytics) to GA4 directly can lead to significant complications, potentially requiring you to start from scratch and customize everything anew. That’s why this process is better called a setup than a migration.

For most people, this transition is typically a one-time project. However, after its completion, it is common to have additional questions that you’d like to address using your GA4 data. This is where the concept of the data project comes into play.

To me, a data project implies automation. It answers my daily, weekly, monthly, or quarter questions. Depending on your preference, these answers can be found in custom reports (also known as explorer reports) in GA4 or perhaps in Looker Studio. The key is that these answers are accessible, allowing me to make decisions, observe trends, and identify patterns quickly.

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